Hando Foundation Partners

Black Initiative Alliance, UK

Buildworks Solutions LTD, UK

Barka Foundation for Mutual Help, Poland

Congolese Merseyside Association, UK

Barka UK, UK

Supporting over 100,000 People Across 47 Communities.

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Ethical Minerals & Agricultural Produce.

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Lives Impacted

We fulfil our responsibilities and obligations honourably as designed and contracted.

Hando Development Company Vision

Anchored on African Hando concept that calls for exploiting resources in partnership for collective benefit yield sharing, we perceive conventional trade for profit and philanthropy to coexist. We are a Business in which Hando Foundation has equity in Hando Development International Ltd and receives dividends to sustain community programs and interventions guided by the following:

Our Vision

Trade in commodities and agro-produce of Africa but not exclusively, while enhancing technology transfer to and within Africa including globally.


Our Mission

Incorporate technology driven solutions in the sectors and streams of engagement for resilience, efficient delivery, sustainable optimal outcomes and performance.


Our Values

At Hando, we engage with trade partners and communities with integrity, honesty, transparency and sensitivity to their concerns.


Powering Development through passion